Snow Removal
& Plowing

Service Details

We offers snow removal services for homes and businesses in Regina and the surrounding areas. When extreme winter weather hits, let our team take care of the work for you. Our snow removal services are available on a 24/7, on-call basis. contact us for assistance during your next snow emergency.

Our skid-steers are great for snow removal and small demolition.

Commercial Snow Removal

We provide commercial snow removal for parking lots and service roads. In addition, we have our own crew of sand trucks that utilize a salt and sand mixture. Once the snow has been moved, we cut through thick layers of ice with our specialized equipment and put down salt to keep the area from becoming dangerously slippery.

After snow is plowed and cleared, we salt the area to prevent buildup.
Grader at University or Regina for snow removal.

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Satisfied Clients

Serbu gets five-star reviews from construction companies.

“After being involved with new home construction for the last ten years the highest quality I look for in a company is dependability. With Serbu I find them to be one of the most dependable companies I deal with. Serbu always delivers fast dependable service.”

Peter Weichel

Serbu gets five-star reviews from construction companies.

“I’ve used Serbu for all of my topsoil and rock requirements for landscaping my yard. Still have more to do and will continue to use them. Prompt, professional service and excellent to deal with. Would definitely recommend them!”

Jaimie Plesiuk