Reasons to Book Commercial Snow Removal in Summer

You might be wondering why we are writing about snow removal in the middle of summer. After all, snow is probably the last thing on your mind right now. However, Saskatchewan winter is unpredictable and can surprise with an early snowfall. This is why we recommend booking your commercial snow removal services by the end of summer, but there are other reasons, too.

Commercial Snow Removal Services Require Planning

Commercial snow removal services aren’t as simple as shovelling residential driveways. Aside from the fact that commercial properties are usually much larger than residential, there can be different safety hazards and obstructions from stairs to parking blocks and meters on most commercial properties and condos. Having your property assessed in the summer allows your snow removal contractor to walk around and identify potential hazards that would otherwise be covered in snow, thereby improving your patrons’ safety and reducing the risk of insurance claims. Reaching out to a contractor early also allows time to arrange an ice control plan best suited for your property and needs.

Snow covered stairs are safety hazards that need to be identified.
Safety hazards such as stairs and parking blocks can be identified more easily and clearly when they’re not covered in snow.

Securing Time Slots & Resources

Commercial snow removal services providers use a wide range of equipment to clear snow and control ice. This includes bobcats with different types of buckets and tandem trucks, graders, loaders, and sanding trucks. Booking early ensures availability to these machines and associated manpower to operate them at the hours you choose or after snowstorms. Other resources such as salt sand mixture will also need to be secured, as they become scarce in the winter months. Luckily for us, we have a large supply of sand here at Serbu.

Commercial snow removal services contractor loading snow to be hauled away.
Commercial snow removal contractors use various machines to clear, load, and haul away snow.

COVID Related Challenges

The pandemic has caused a lot of labour and material shortages for businesses and organizations, and the snow removal industry is not exempt. Even 2 years after the pandemic started, municipalities still have trouble filling snow removal jobs. Fortunately for us, we have not experienced such challenges, but this is another reason why as a property owner or manager, you should try to secure your commercial snow removal services early on.

Snow & Ice Control by Serbu

Commercial snow removal is one of the services we provide here at Serbu. We have a large fleet of heavy equipment and necessary staffing capable of operating 24/7 during big snowstorms. That being said, booking early is the best way to ensure you get on the list, as we also service other clients. So get in touch with us today to start your assessment process. Our experienced staff will come out and do a complete walk-around of your property. The process only takes 30 minutes, and we’ll provide you with a written breakdown of the estimate.

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