Excavation & Bobcat

Service Details

We provide complete commercial excavation services, including preliminary site analysis and evaluation, cutting and filling of excess or insufficient materials, utilities installation, and erosion and sediment control. We excavate for commercial ground levels, basements, sewer systems, and more.

Our large fleet of excavators can demolish and excavate any site.

Basement Excavation

We specialize in residential basement excavation for homes of any size. This often one of the first steps in home construction, creating a cavity to install a six to eight foot tall basement, along with sewer systems.

Our large fleet of excavators can demolish and excavate any site.

Residential Excavation

We also offer other types of residential excavation services for sewer systems, water and gas lines, restricted areas, and trenching for plumbing fixtures and wells. We also fix troublesome drainage issues.

Our skid-steers are great for snow removal and small demolition.

Bobcat Services

We have a full line of bobcat equipment including track loaders & tire loaders ranging from 44 inches wide to 84 inches wide to handle any job. Our services include:

  • Concrete removal
  • Residential grading
  • Pile drilling & small demos 
  • Lot sweeping & snow removal
Our large fleet of excavators can demolish and excavate any site.

Commercial Excavation

Preparing a stable and level foundation is the first step in any new project. We can provide all the steps necessary from start to finish. Our services include:

  • Site clearing of grass, trees & bush
  • Mass grading for site development
  • Fine grading for buildings, roads & parking areas
  • Full line of compaction equipment
Our residential excavation services include basements, sewer systems and foundation.
We offer basement and other types of excavation services.

Satisfied Clients

Serbu gets five-star reviews from construction companies.

“After being involved with new home construction for the last ten years the highest quality I look for in a company is dependability. With Serbu I find them to be one of the most dependable companies I deal with. Serbu always delivers fast dependable service.”

Peter Weichel

Serbu gets five-star reviews from construction companies.

“I’ve used Serbu for all of my topsoil and rock requirements for landscaping my yard. Still have more to do and will continue to use them. Prompt, professional service and excellent to deal with. Would definitely recommend them!”

Jaimie Plesiuk