How To Get a Demolition Permit & Prep for Demolition

If you have a house, garage, or commercial building you’d like to demolish, chances are you need a demolition permit first. In this article, we will go over how to apply for one in the City of Regina and how to prepare your property for demolition. Every jurisdiction is different, so make sure you check local bylaws and regulations.

Before Applying for the Demolition Permit

As a property owner, there are several responsibilities you need to fulfill before applying for a permit:

  • Ensure the proposed demolition complies with bylaws, acts, and regulations at the federal, provincial or municipal level. For example, making sure the structure being torn down isn’t a listed under the Heritage Holding Bylaw or within the Heritage Conservation District.
  • Pay property tax for the year.
  • Make arrangements to seal off or disconnect all utilities, such as sewage, water, power, gas and phone.
  • Obtain a Temporary Street Use Permit if required. Older homes usually have back alley access and therefore this is rarely required.
  • Obtain city’s approval to remove any driveway crossings that are no longer required after the demolition.
  • If you know or suspect there are hazardous materials on site, you should have them professionally and safely removed, which sometimes also requires separate permits. The same applies if they are discovered during the demolition. For example, some older buildings contain asbestos and would become a health risk if disturbed, especially during demolition which creates a lot of dust. When unsure, have it professionally inspected and tested.
Asbestos in progress sign displayed during demolition.
Hazardous materials should be removed professionally and may require a separate permit in addition to the demolition permit.

Choosing a Demolition Contractor

Unless you are doing your own demolition, it’s a good idea to have a contractor lined up before applying for a permit because the City of Regina requires demolition work to commence within 10 days of permit approval. Contractor capacity is also essential because work must be completed within 30 days for residential buildings and 90 days for commercial. Different jurisdictions may have different timeline requirements.

When choosing a contractor, make sure they have demolition insurance. This is because excavation insurance typically only covers damages done by heavy machinery during an excavating job. Without a separate demolition coverage, damages done by the same machines during a demolition job will not be covered.

An excavator demolishing the roof of a house.
Just because demolition is done with excavating equipment doesn’t mean any unintended damage would be covered under excavation insurance.

How to Apply for a Demolition Permit

  • Fill out the Demolition Permit Application and the Demolition Clearance Declaration form, and submit them to the City of Regina. If your property is outside of Regina, check with your local municipal government.
  • For commercial, institutional and industrial buildings, a Hazardous Materials Survey needs to be completed and submitted along with the application.
  • Obtain any other approvals if required.
  • Pay for the permit once approved.

During & After the Demolition

Once you have the permit and are ready to begin demolition, check again to make sure that utilities are disconnected. We always double-check this on demolition day. Once the structure is demolished, non-hazardous and non-salvageable materials will need to be disposed of at the city landfill. This is also something we take care of for our customers.

The City of Regina also requires property owners to fill and level the demolished site afterward, which we can also do as we carry a full line of construction aggregate. However, if you intend to start a new build soon, we usually slope it, so it does not need to be fully excavated again.

If you’re demolishing a building in Regina or surrounding areas, and have questions related to the permit process or the demolition itself, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We can help you determine if a Temporary Street Use Permit is required or if you need to remove any driveway crossings. Most importantly, we can get the demolition done safely, properly and on time.

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