Product Description

Slag is a unique composition primarily made up of metal oxides and silicon dioxide. This amalgam of materials creates a product that is robust and versatile in nature. It is a byproduct rather than a manufactured product, originating from the smelting or refining of ores. Therefore, it is also commonly referred to as blast furnace or steel slag. This product comes in a variety of colours including shades of grey, black, and brown. Its texture ranges from angular to rough, providing an excellent grip and compactness when utilized in various construction applications. The standard size of our slag is 1″ minus, ensuring it is the right fit for tasks that demand a compact, yet sturdy material.

Applications for Slag

The realm of applications for slag is vast. Its most notable use is as an aggregate in concrete, enhancing the material’s strength and durability. The product also finds a crucial role in the construction of driveways, parking pads, and parking lots. Its excellent packing ability makes it a preferred choice for these applications, providing a solid, stable surface that withstands the test of time. Moreover, it is a proven asset in soil stabilization and is instrumental in the remediation of contaminated land, marking its significance in environmental applications.

Advantages Over Alternatives

When pitted against other alternatives like gravel or crushed stone, slag stands out for its cost-effectiveness and superior packing ability. Its rough texture ensures a better grip and less shifting over time as compared to smoother materials. Slag is also known for its durability and longevity, reducing the need for frequent maintenance and replacements. Additionally, its contribution to environmental remediation showcases a level of sustainability that is often sought after in modern construction practices.

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