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In the realm of landscaping and construction, crushed rock, also known as fractured or crushed stones, play an indispensable role. These broken pieces of hard, durable material are available in ¾”, 1″, and 1½” sizes, catering to a multitude of applications.

Characteristics of Crushed Stones

Crushed stones are commonly found in shades of grey or brown, although their color may vary depending on the source rock. These stones possess a rough and angular texture, which makes them suitable for a wide range of applications. Available in sizes of ¾”, 1″, and 1½”, each size serves a specific purpose. The smaller stones excel in drainage capabilities and interlocking properties, while the larger ones are primarily sought after for their visual appeal.

Applications of Crushed Rock

The three different sizes of crushed rock find their use in a variety of applications. For instance, ¾” ones are often used in concrete mix, or as a base layer for concrete pavers and retaining walls. Additionally, they can also be used for weeping tile coverage as they provide the stability and drainage needed for these types of projects.

1″ crushed stones, on the other hand, are typically used for driveway gravel, especially in rural areas. Their size and sharp angles help to lock the rocks together, providing a stable surface that’s less prone to shifting or washing out.

When it comes to 1½” crushed rock, they are usually used for larger landscaping projects or for drainage purposes. Their larger size makes them ideal for creating decorative edges for gardens or walkways. You can often see them used in zeroscaping or xeriscaping projects.

Advantages Over Alternatives

When compared to other similar products, such as round rock, crushed rock can create a more stable surface and maintain its integrity under heavy traffic and severe weather over time. Moreover, crushed stones are more environmentally friendly when they are made from recycled materials, reducing the need for new mining and contributing to a more sustainable construction industry.

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