Fill Dirt

Product Description

Fill dirt is sourced from the subsoil situated at least six inches below the surface. Unlike topsoil, it lacks organic or biological components, making it resistant to decomposition. This characteristic ensures this aggregate compacts well, minimizing the likelihood of shifting or settling over time. To ensure cleanliness, the collected dirt undergoes multiple sifting processes to remove rocks and debris, earning it the name “clean fill.”

Characteristics of Clean Fill

Stability and Shape Retention

Clean fill packs well and provides stability, maintaining the desired shape and contour of the land over time. It resists shifting and settling, offering reliable structural support.

Cost-Effective Solution

Fill dirt is an affordable option compared to other materials. Its availability and wide range of applications make it a practical choice for various construction and landscaping projects.

Clean and Debris-Free

The multiple sifting processes used to refine clean fill remove rocks and debris, ensuring a debris-free product. This quality makes it easier to work with and contributes to a smoother construction process.

Applications for Fill Dirt

Levelling & Grading

Fill dirt is an excellent choice for leveling uneven surfaces or grading land before construction or landscaping projects. It provides a stable foundation for structures, driveways, and walkways, ensuring proper alignment and stability. Whether it’s filling holes caused by excavation or addressing depressions in the landscape, clean fill offers an affordable solution.

Landscaping Projects

In areas where plant growth is not a priority, clean fill can be utilized to build up hills, create raised beds, or construct landscape features. Its availability and cost-effectiveness make it an ideal choice for non-planting areas.

If you need help deciding which aggregate to use, please refer to our article on the difference between fill sand & fill dirt. You can use the buttons below to get a quote or calculate how much material you need if you’re looking to buy dirt.

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