Course Pit-run Gravel 3″ Minus

Product Description

Pit-run gravel is a type of unmanufactured gravel that is commonly sourced from gravel pits or natural deposits, hence the name. Its coarse composition and unique characteristics make it a versatile and cost-effective material for a variety of construction applications. This gravel product consists of a mixture of natural stones, sand, and clay. The stones vary in size and shape, ranging from 3 inches in diameter down to small particles. The mixture is not manufactured, which gives it a natural look and feel.

Applications of Pit-run Gravel

“Course Pit-run 3″ Minus” is commonly used as a base material for roads, driveways, and other construction projects. Its rough texture provides excellent traction and stability, making it ideal for creating a durable and long-lasting base. The gravel can also be used as a foundation for building structures, such as sheds or garages. Additionally, pit-run gravel is suitable for landscaping and gardening projects, such as creating drainage systems or filling raised beds.


There are several advantages to using pit-run for construction projects. Firstly, its unmanufactured nature makes it a cost-effective option for projects where appearance is not the main priority. Additionally, the mix of stones, sand, and clay provides a stable base that is resistant to erosion and settling. Finally, because pit-run is a natural product, it is environmentally friendly and sustainable.

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