Washed Round Rock

Product Description

Washed round rock, also known as washed river rock or washed pebble, showcases a natural grey colour palette with highlights of dark grey, brown, and tan. The smooth, rounded surface of this rock provides a tactile and visually pleasing experience. Available in sizes of 20mm and 40mm, it offers flexibility for different project requirements.

The Washing Process

The washing process for washed pebble involves subjecting the rocks to water and agitation to remove impurities and debris. It helps achieve a cleaner and more uniform appearance, enhancing the overall quality and aesthetics of the rock. By washing the aggregate, it ensures a smoother and more appealing surface, making it suitable for various landscaping and decorative applications.

Applications for Washed Round Rock

Landscaping and Garden Beds

Washed river rock is an excellent choice for landscaping projects, including garden beds and rockeries. Its natural appearance adds texture and interest to the landscape, creating visually appealing focal points.

Pathways & Walkways

The smooth surface and rounded shape of washed round rock make it suitable for pathways and walkways. Whether used as the primary material or as a decorative accent, it enhances the overall aesthetics and provides a comfortable walking surface.

Decorative Features

This versatile rock is perfect for decorative purposes such as water features, accent borders, and decorative ground cover. It adds a natural element to outdoor spaces and complements various design styles.

Dog Runs & Play Areas

Washed round rock is commonly used in dog runs and play areas due to its smooth surface. It provides a comfortable and clean environment for pets and children to play while minimizing the risk of injury.

Compared to Alternatives

When comparing this aggregate to our other offerings, such as round rock and washed rock, the key distinctions lie in the sizes available and the washing process. The various sizes cater to diverse project requirements, while the washing process ensures cleanliness and enhanced aesthetics. To experience the products firsthand, we welcome you to visit our office where we have samples readily available for viewing.

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20mm (¾”), 40mm

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