Round Rock

Product Description

Round rock is a natural stone that features smooth, rounded edges and comes in a variety of sizes, from 60mm to 75-200mm. Its composition primarily consists of sedimentary rock, which is why it is also known as river rock or pebble. Rover rock’s colours range from earthy tones, including shades of brown, tan, and grey, adding a natural aesthetic to any project. The texture is smooth and polished, providing an appealing tactile experience.

Applications of Round Rock

Round rock is widely used in landscaping projects, including garden beds, pathways, water features and xeriscaping. The smooth and rounded shape creates an attractive and natural appearance, enhancing the overall beauty of outdoor spaces.

The size and shape of river rock make it an excellent choice for drainage applications. It promotes efficient water flow, preventing pooling and reducing the risk of erosion. It can be used in French drains, swales, and around downspouts for effective water management.

Round rock also serves as a decorative element in gardens, rockeries, and landscape designs. It can be utilized to accentuate specific areas, create borders, or add visual interest to outdoor spaces. Its smooth and polished surface lends a charming touch to any decorative project.

Benefits of River Rock

River rock brings a natural and visually appealing element to landscaping projects. Its smooth and rounded appearance blends seamlessly with various design styles, offering a visually pleasing and organically looking  environment. Additionally, its smooth surface also inhibits weed growth when used in gardening projects, reducing the need for regular upkeep. When compared to more angular alternatives such as crushed rock, round rock is more pleasant to touch and walk on, due to the lack of sharp edges. Lastly, since it got its smooth, rounded shape from natural erosion, it is less manufactured and therefore more environmentally friendly in general.

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60mm, 75mm-200m

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