Drainage Sand

Product Description

Water can be a source of worry for many homeowners. Whether it’s pooling in your yard or causing damage to your property’s foundation, water needs a place to go. Enter drainage sand. Also known as washed sand or clear sand, this product is a game-changer for effective water management.

Characteristics of Drainage Sand

Drainage sand is a specific type of sand characterized by its coarse texture and larger grain size. This sand is typically light in color, ranging from white to a pale beige. The granules are usually between ⁵/₆₄” and ³/₁₆”, offering the perfect size to facilitate efficient water flow.

The composition of washed sand is straightforward: it’s essentially silica, washed clean of any impurities or finer particles that might impede drainage. The result is a high-performing, consistent product that offers excellent drainage capabilities.

Applications of Washed Sand

The primary application for washed sand is, unsurprisingly, facilitating effective drainage. It’s a favorite among homeowners for this purpose, used extensively in areas prone to waterlogging or around structures that need protection from excess moisture.

One of the most common uses of drainage sand is in the construction of French drains, a simple but effective solution for directing water away from a structure. Homeowners also find great use for this sand in gardening and landscaping. It can be mixed into soil to improve its drainage capabilities, preventing water from pooling and promoting healthier plant growth.

In addition, clear sand is often used as a base for laying pavers or as a levelling medium for above-ground pools, providing a stable, well-drained foundation.

Advantages of Clear Sand

When compared to other types of sand or aggregate, drainage sand offers distinct advantages. Its larger grain size and washed composition mean it provides superior drainage capabilities, making it the best choice for any project where water management is a key concern.

Unlike finer sands, which can compact and restrict water flow, drainage sand maintains its loose, porous structure, allowing water to flow freely. This makes it a more effective choice for preventing water damage and maintaining the health of your garden.

Whether you’re protecting your property’s foundation, improving your garden soil, or setting up an above-ground pool, clear sand is the reliable, effective choice for managing water in your landscape.

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