Residential & Commercial Excavation in Saskatchewan


Serbu Sand & Gravel offers several types of excavation services for residential and commercial projects.

Basement Excavation

We specialize in residential basement excavation for homes of any size. This often one of the first steps in home construction, creating a cavity to install a six to eight foot tall basement, along with sewer systems, and cover it with a sturdy foundation. We also work with existing homes that need their basement redone, demoing an existing floor and foundation to rebuild. We finish the process with backfilling and landscape restoration.

Residential Excavation

We also offer other types of residential excavation services for sewer systems, water and gas lines, restricted areas, and trenching for plumbing fixtures and wells. We also fix troublesome drainage issues, install ponds, and repair sinkholes.

Commercial Excavation

Serbu Sand & Gravel provides complete commercial excavation services, including preliminary site analysis and evaluation, cutting and filling of excess or insufficient materials, utilities installation, and erosion and sediment control. We excavate for commercial ground levels and basements, sewer systems, underground irrigation, and more.

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