Complete Demolition Services in Saskatchewan


We also offer complete demolition services for residential and commercial properties in Saskatchewan.

Small Business Sites

Serbu Sand & Gravel demolishes small business sites to make room for reconstruction. If you purchased a property with a condemned or abandoned building that needs to be torn down for remodeling or rebuilding completely, we have the wrecking balls, bull dozers, and other equipment to clear and level the property so you can make it your own.


If your garage has rotting wood, damaged siding, or you’re rebuilding a larger garage to accommodate your vehicles, we provide partial and complete garage demolition in Regina.


Our professional construction team also provides complete house demolition for homes that have been damaged by severe weather, homeowners undergoing significant remodeling, or contractors who are rebuilding foreclosed or condemned homes. We also offer specialized demolition for mold, mildew, asbestos, and termite damage. If you own a property with a damaged or outdated home, contact us for an estimate on our demolition services.